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We started our journey to build world-class employee management software or what is also known as Human Resource Management Software some time back. While the journey has had its share of ups and downs, one question which we had to face often was, why is the product not getting launched yet? This blog, ironically which is also our first one to publish, aims to decode this mystery.

Firstly, for building a world-class product, you foundationally need a world-class team. While you look at the technical skill and some organizations also look at psychometric evaluation, we decided to take a different approach. Our software would record the sound of the candidate during the interview and interpret the Emotional Quotient of the candidate from the wavelength and intensity of the candidate’s speech. We also added another rider. Every engineering team member we select should have an odd number of vowels in their name or the addition of digits in their date of birth should be an odd number. For the product team, it was the exact opposite, either an even number of vowels in the name or an addition of digits in the date of birth should be an even number. Our research into team building suggested that this was a critical element for team collaboration and harmony. After all, we had to be extra cautious when building our team.

Secondly, as the team was getting built, we had to choose our tech stack. While our engineering team did analyze various options, we also looked at the zodiac signs of the founders of each technology. Bill Gates vs Jeff Bezos for cloud computing was a very hard decision. There were certain zodiac signs which we highly preferred. It is difficult to reveal which those zodiac signs were, as those are a part of our trade secret. Later as we had to finalize various software solutions which would help us run the product development better, it wasn’t an easy decision. For example, many might think using Figma for prototyping would be an easy decision. But we went deep into that decision. We analysed the cash flows of Figma, its competitive advantage, and its growth potential. Our team did predict the acquisition of Figma by Adobe way back and even came close to the acquisition price with an error of just 2.3%. This did help some of our employees who had purchased call options of Adobe and made a goldmine out of it. Google vs Microsoft for workspace was an even more intense analysis.

Later when we started to build the product roadmap and finalize the feature list for our first release, we just didn’t restrict ourselves to traditional techniques like user research, competitor analysis, prioritization, jobs to be done and other frameworks. We built a mathematical model with over a billion parameters to estimate the impact of adding a particular feature to each user persona in the product. We took optimization for usability vs feature list to a different level. Finally, when we started to code the product, we didn’t want our engineers to code it feature by feature pouring hours into understanding the feature from the product team and then doing various testing. Rather our engineers built an AI engine (ACP Pradyuman) which can code any software once you upload the user stories and high-fidelity mock-ups. If ACP Pradyuman were to have a conversation with ChatGPT on its capabilities, it would have given the Bollywood dialogue of “तू जिस स्कूल में पढ़ता है, उसका प्रिंसिप्रिं पल आज भी मेरे पा स ट्यूशन के लिए आता है” (The principal of the school in which you study, even today comes to me for tuition). Hopefully, Sam Altman and Satya Nadella are reading this for their good.

ACP Pradyuman, we believe will help our scalability and speed of execution as we build multiple products. Once ACP Pradyuman was built, we asked half of our team to go on vacation, with our engineering head going to the Italian beachside town of Amalfi for a much-needed break. Finally, our product was ready for launch in the last quarter. But our team found a devastating outcome of our AI-based development process. The product had developed sentience and was looking at ways to dominate the world instead of improving employees' lives. It was planning to contest the next Lok Sabha elections. We suddenly had to return to the drawing board or the Jira Board. But rest assured, our team is working on tight deadlines to ensure the product launches as soon as possible.

If anyone thinks this post was released on April 1 and correlates with something, we want you to believe this is just a mere coincidence. Otherwise, in a parallel world, Mewurk had its Alpha release in February. The beta release is planned for the next 2 months. If anyone is interested in getting a sneak peek into our product or being one of the early users, please reach out to us at You may also sign up from the home page of We would be glad to talk to you and walk you through our product. We can also set it up for your team. A limited number of early users will have free access to all the features of the product and unlimited support for the next 1 year.

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